Private Coaching

Join the cast of my many Clients that are working.  Be prepared to be the best at every opportunity.  Also, auditions always have top priority: I will reschedule another Client’s ongoing lesson to accommodate you if you have an audition - because I want you working.  * SKYPE and FACETIME available.

On-Camera Auditions

You are coached and put on camera at the same time in order to ensure that Casting sees you at the very best you can be. Session includes Editing, Web Preparation & Internet Delivery.

Learn My Technique

In only 2-3 hours, I can walk you through my Technique from beginning to end. How much you retain and are able to implement is solely based on your own experience and abilities. There are many methods of approach out there – once you see how simple mine is, you will be amazed.

Ongoing Training

One-On-One training with me is less expensive than taking a class – not only that, but I guarantee that you will be working on your craft 400% more per month. (* See my FAQ page: “PRIVATE LESSONS vs A CLASS” to see how much time and money you will save while you quadruple the amount of training you receive).

Photo & Resume Evaluation

My experience as a Personal Manager makes me the perfect person to help guide you. In fact, I have a unique methodology for you to use while shooting your headshots that will ensure that you cover every possible gamut of your specific market.

Photo Retouching

For as many Photographers out there that are great – there are just as many bad ones. I often find photos that are cropped poorly, retouched poorly and over saturated with color. My many years of experience as a Graphic Artist can solve all of these issues.