Here are some other reviews that were kindly forwarded directly to me “In case I ever needed them.” I highlighted them for the impatient – LOL

Tom has been in the biz for decades – as a Manager, Actor, Illustrator and Teacher. He’s knowledgeable about the industry and great at all he does. These days, he’s focused on teaching, and that’s just a gift for those of us who are his students. THE TECHNIQUE HE HAS CREATED SIMPLY WORKS AND IS BOTH INTUITIVE AND EASILY ADAPTABLE TO DIFFERENT MATERIAL AND GENRES OF PERFORMANCE. Worth mentioning as well are his rates – the value in what his coaching provides far surpasses what he charges to work with you. There is a reason why his students continuously book and return to him. He genuinely is a good person and a brilliant coach. I hesitate to share him with too many people, yet I know more actors ought to work with him, because he is superb.

Tom is a great coach! He can break down a script and understand what is going on beneath it. HE HAS TAUGHT ME HOW TO GO BEYOND THE PAGES AND REALLY UNDERSTAND MY CHARACTER. And, we always have a blast working on the sides!

It’s hard finding the right people when you’re new in town and it’s expensive to try out new teachers who may or may not work for you. After moving to L.A. from Nashville, I had to find a teacher for my 12-year old son.

We met Tom Garner at the Oakwood Apartments giving a presentation and Dan has been taking classes from him almost exclusively ever since. Tom has a method that has changed the way Dan approaches a script and his performance. Dan has gone from being average (doing a great job of knowing his lines, but not knowing how to make his auditions unique) to really working the script and making the character fresh. TOM’S UNIQUE APPROACH HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Since we’ve been working with Tom, Dan has improved enough to compete here. Dan works with Tom every week and Tom has always worked us in to prepare for auditions, even at the last minute. He’s truly our secret weapon.

Thomas Garner is by far the best in the Biz – not only is he a phenomenal actor himself, he is very patient with his students. He will also tell you straight up what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. AFTER GOING TO TWENTY DIFFERENT ACTING COACHES AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS LATER, I NOW SPEND MY MONEY WISELY AND BOOK JOBS WITH THOMAS GARNER’S TECHNIQUE. If you want to be a working actor – go to Tom now!

Very professional and efficient! Every time I coach with Tom, I leave feeling confident, prepared and excited to go into an audition. He is fun to work with and his Technique is very easy to understand. He is the audition master! I ALWAYS GET A CALLBACK AND BOOKINGS WHEN I COACH WITH TOM! His schedule is flexible and I can always rely on getting a coaching session when I need it!

On my son’s and I first visit to Tom I noticed a great connection between the two. Tom is a very talented, hardworking and dedicated coach. TOM IS VERY HONEST AND FORWARD AND THAT IS A GREAT QUALITY THAT IS HARD TO FIND IN THIS BUSINESS. I continually see great improvement in my son’s acting abilities. My son and I both love Tom and I definitely recommend him to every one of all ages.

Oh how I love this man. I ALWAYS SEE TOM BEFORE AUDITIONS. Ease of scheduling is very important because, as we all know, big auditions often come up last minute. I have never had a problem getting him to fit me into his busy schedule, even same day. I don’t know how he does it because I often run into his other clients as I’m coming or going, but he always makes me feel like I’m the only student he has all day – that’s the kind of attention you can expect. HE GENUINELY CARES ABOUT GETTING YOU BOOKING AND TAKING YOUR WORK FROM “GOOD ENOUGH” TO GREAT (aka, booking). I feel so confident when I leave an audition he’s coached me on. I leave feeling that I left everything in the room and really gave my best performance, thanks to his guidance and technique, which is unbelievably simple but effective. HIS RATES ARE VERY REASONABLE AND THE ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION YOU GET JUST CAN’T BE MATCHED BY ANY ACTING CLASS I’VE EVER TAKEN. When I needed to audition for an out-of-town project he did a fantastic job of putting me on tape and even edited it for me so all I had to do was press “send” to get it to the Casting Director. Easy peazy. He even does Skype sessions. I FEEL LIKE I’M SHARING MY LITTLE SECRET WITH THE WORLD. Don’t audition without him!

Your coaching and encouragement reaches far beyond any single audition you help me on. I’m lucky to know you.

EXCELLENT Teacher!!! I don’t think it could get any better than a working Actor who also teaches. I’ve taken many classes but found myself booking more roles from Private Coaching with Thomas. His approach and method of teaching – along with his quick wit and wonderful sense of humor is unmatched. Thomas’ relaxed environment makes it enjoyable for you to learn, and booking a job after working with him should be easy and a given!

I spoke to the director for the film we worked on & he said I DID THE BEST AUDITION OF ALL THE ACTRESSES – but unfortunately they must go with a “Name Actress” for the lead role. He is bringing me back for another read for a different character. I am thrilled!

Finding you as a Teacher has been a Godsend. Seriously.

By the way (and this is said without the intention of kissing up), I want you to know that I’ve really enjoyed working with you. Your straightforwardness and sense of humor is a bonus and greatly appreciated. I’ve referred several people to you. Thanks very much.

Thank you very much for everything you have taught me. IT’S UNLIKE ANYTHING ANYBODY HAS TRIED TO TEACH ME BEFORE, and I had a lot of fun too!

Every time I work with you, I get light headed. That’s a good thing!

Guess what I just booked? A role on Scrubs!! Just wanted to share the good news and thank you for all your help in getting me here today 🙂

Thanks for the awesome knowledge and great support that you have provided me in the acting biz. Your enthusiasm and humor is truly delightful!

A moment to suck-up please: Finally, a teacher who talks like me – and doesn’t require a constant ego stroking. In general, I am not a good student. I tend to get bored and eventually dream of other things… Not so here! Thanks for keeping me enthralled for hours. I FEEL LIKE I AM ACTUALLY LEARNING SOMETHING.